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Diving in Key West
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Dive Key West
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SCUBA Diving Key West
Key West SCUBA Diving
SCUBA Lessons in Key West
Dive the Vandenberg
Diving in Key West
Key West Reef Diving
Key West Scuba Diving
Dive Key West the way you want to...not the way you're used to!  
No crowds, no waiting, no long boat rides, and no smelly diesel.
For nearly the same money as the typical "cattle boat", you can
see Key West's underwater splendor at your pace, and always with
a certified divemaster as your in-water guide!

See the reefs and wrecks that have made Key West diving famous,
and see them the way you want to. From Key West to the
exclusive Marqueses Islands, Our private boats can take you to
some of the finest diving in the world, and they can do it in a
hurry. Treat yourself to the kind of diving you expect, not the
diving you're used to.
Island Time Charters is proud to boast two, brand new, 25' center
console boats that are as spacious as they are clean to provide you
the very best diving experience possible.

We limit each boat to 2 persons (considerations may be made for 3).
Every dive can be made, at no extra cost, with a certified
divemaster, experienced in all of the Key West dive sites. With the
exception of a wetsuit, which is hardly ever needed in Key West, all
equipment is included. And last but not least, your dives are catered
specifically to your needs and wants.

Let Island Time Charters show you the dive experience you expect.  
Dive the Vandenberg
The Vandenberg is down! Come join us
on this superb wreck!
Island Time Charters uses only the worlds finest crafted products on every charter
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